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New routine [Feb. 27th, 2007|03:38 pm]
Gym Buddies


[mood |soreachey]

So, I've devised a daily workout for myself which I've stuck to so far...that's a whole THREE days, people :P  It consists of:

- Stretching
- 100 crunches (in sets of 20)
- 20 front kicks
- 20 roundhouse kicks
- 15 back kicks
- 50 jabs (in two stances)
- 50 crosses (in two stances)
- 50 uppercuts (in two stances)
- Stretching to cool down

So, 100 crunches, 55 kicks and 300 punches.  Should be good, right?  I'm already in sooo much pain, so I figure it works ;)

I also had a really good food day yesterday - I don't think I even had 2000 calories (not in a freakish calorie-counting way or anything) and everything I ate was healthy, or at least not crap.  I'm hoping I can stick to that.  NO chocolate, NO crisps and the like, unless it's sporadic.  I'm allowed the occaisional cake, lol.  And Diet Coke is allowed.  I have two nights out coming up and unless I get caught up in all the fun of it I'm going to try to lay off the drink a bit(that never works though :P).

Hope things are going well for everyone else!  Becky and Yvonne - we should totally all go to a class together or join the same gym or something over the summer :)