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It's been a while... [Jul. 7th, 2007|10:52 pm]
Gym Buddies


Okay, so...

Now we're all back from Uni and we've been trying to work out best we can - circuit training currently being the work-out of choice, although the leisure centre is proving a tad unreliable!

So, anyway, I was thinking - what's everyone goal?  What do you want to achieve most?  Maybe if we set ourselves targets or goals we'll be able to help each other out more :)

My main goal is fitness and toning.  I really want to improve my upper body strength.  My main problem areas in terms of toning are my abs and my thighs (like, surprise, surprise?!).  If I could get my belly (relatively) flat and slim down my thighs considerably I'd be a much happier bunny.  I really want to improve my stamina and strength so that I can work on harder cardio work outs.

So yeah - circuit training is good enough but I really need something else because I'm so unbelieveably not disciplined enough to work out at home :(